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Mark Freid

Mark Freid

Director of Happiness

A veteran of the branding, marketing, advertising industry, Mark Freid started his career as a writer, producer and director. Today, he is the founder of Happiness Counts and owner of Think Creative Inc. (thinkcreativeinc.com), an award-winning branding and marketing firm based in Orlando, Florida that is driven by a “Culture of Gratitude.”

Mark comes into the office every day with a single goal – to inspire the team to think creatively, work strategically and play nice (or else). He’s also in charge of convincing everyone that even the craziest ideas are worth considering, a skill he uses on team members and clients alike. Of all the things Mark does, the things he loves most are building teams, empowering individuals and helping clients find their souls…and go for their goals.

Besides driving the Think Creative ship, Mark also serves as Board President of the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida, writes short stories and runs long races (3 Ironman races, numerous marathons, ultra-distance trail runs and a recent run across the Grand Canyon). He and his team are were the featured brand experts on Season 5 of the Travel Channel’s number one show, Hotel Impossible.

Mark earned a BA from Tulane University, a Certificate of Leadership Practice from Rollins College, and graduated from the Crummer Management Program and the corporate athlete program at the Human Performance Institute. He is currently a member of the Leadership Mastermind Alliance at Crummer/Rollins College. Mark writes, speaks and conducts workshops on leadership, culture, and Why Happiness Matters. He is the father of Jacob (18), Sophie (16) and Joseph (10), and the husband of Stephanie. His favorite saying is, “Yes.” Followed by “Now let’s figure out how.”

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