How to Be Happy

The secret to happiness? Set your PACE.

Great news! Happiness is easier than you think. You’ll have to work at it–everyone does, even those people who seem naturally happy all the time. But, we’ve identified four critical components that contribute to personal and professional happiness.

It’s that sense of fulfillment when you’re doing work that you consider great. Not just moving paper or writing reports, but changing lives, improving the community; making a difference.
title-autonomy You’re in control over your work. You make your own decisions, and have ownership over your work and your life.

We crave authentic and sincere relationships in all aspects of our lives. Do the people you spend time with contribute to your positive energy, encourage you to think, dream and pursue your passions?


We feel most alive when we are using our skills and talents to tackle meaningful challenges, and accomplishing something that makes us feel useful, competent and proud.

Strengthening each of these aspects for yourself will send your happiness levels soaring and transform your work and personal life in real, tangible ways. And it doesn’t end there. With a little attention and focus, you can help the people you  work with set their PACE too.


Happy Cultures practice PACE.

Every wonder why some companies have teams that are willing to give 200% day in and day out, while others struggle to keep people engaged on the clock? It’s all about creating a powerful culture that puts PACE into action.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. PACE is popping up in forward-thinking workplaces all over the country, from advertising agencies to financial services firms. And more companies, teams, and people are reaping the benefits. For help putting PACE into practice at your company, talk to us about scheduling a team retreat.

Put your brain on happiness today.

Did you know that when your brain is set to “positive,” you are 31 percent more productive (Shawn Achor, Harvard University)? So happiness isn’t just good for your psyche, it’s integral to your life. We can help you and your organization increase happiness and expand your capacity for success. Sign up today to get started.

Ready to make happiness part of your personal and professional mission? Sign up today to get started.

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