It was enlightening to see how the attitudes, level of engagement, and overall happiness of employees affect the success of organizations. His talk really drove home why it’s in the employer’s best interest to cultivate a culture of happiness within their organization.

Melody Crowgey

Central Florida Association of Health Underwriters

My takeaway from the Happiness Count’s presentation is that when I feel happy, I am at the peak of my performance. Engaged employees ARE happy employees.

Debra Hendrickson

Vice President, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce

Presentations like this are often inspiring, but, what was great about Mark’s Happiness Counts talk, was that it was not only inspiring, but lasting. This has truly helped us focus on the happiness of our work and our workmates.

Patrick Chapin

President/CEO, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce

This concept and way of thinking should be front of mind to any leader or business owner who wants to run a successful and productive company.

Michelle del Valle Neumer

Assistant City Manager, City of Winter Park, Florida

We had the distinct pleasure of having Mark Freid as our keynote speaker for our annual National Sales conference in January 2014. Right up the alley of our company’s culture, Mark gave his Happiness Counts talk to the group. We were very inspired to include some of the ideas for adding fun in the workplace! One such idea came from a brainstorming session…we took a picture of my boss, who is the head of the sales team and had it laminated and mounted on a stick and made up our own version of the children’s story “Flat Stanley” and distributed them the entire sales team, executives and other staff. We received 100’s of photos of “Flat Stanley” at meetings with bankers, at baseball game gatherings with clients, even participating in the ALS Bucket Challenge. Thanks Mark for reminding us that Happiness Counts.

Lisa Thorpe

LSQ Funding Group

Glad you enjoyed the article.  Your discussion with Connect Florida motivated me to ensure my legal assistant is inspired and happy at work.  I found the strategy of giving her my full and undivided attention (or asking her to come back in a few minutes) allows me to show my appreciation through my non-verbal conduct.  I’m also working to make sure she is interested and challenged by her day-to-day activities and that we foster a team environment.  So on behalf of both of us, thank you!


Roger W. Feicht

Employment Law & Business Litigation, Gunster Business Law


We often have guest speakers at our staff meetings,  but never before had so many team members comment afterwards about what a fantastic and appropriate topic Mark spoke about.  Several people asked how we planned to develop his ideas and incorporate them into our team. This concept and way of thinking should be front of mind to any leader or business owner who wants to run a successful and productive company.


Jessica Lewis

Florida Hospital


The attendees at our leadership retreat referenced the lessons they learned from “Happiness Counts” through the rest of the weekend and immediately found ways to apply it to their personal, professional, and non-profit-volunteer lives. I’d recommend this presentation for anyone who has ever looked up from their monitor and stared blankly into the distance while wondering: “What am I doing with my life?” Which is most of us, most of the time.


Yeosh Bendayan

Governor, 4th District American Advertising Federation

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