Individuals engage. Organizations excel. That’s the power of happiness.

It’s no secret: an organization’s success depends on the engagement of its workers. Now a growing body of research indicates that the connection may be more powerful than we even imagined. Studies show that companies with engaged employees outperform companies without by 202% (Gallup). So if you want your company to succeed, investing in employee happiness pays off.

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How employee engagement affects company outcomes:

(Gallup Survey)


Lower Absenteeism


Lower Turnover


Higher Productivity


Higher Profitability

We know the secret to happiness.

It’s all about setting your PACE.

How Can We Help

Are you ready to make happiness part of your personal and professional mission? Here’s how we can help.

Empowering Leaders

If you are an organizational leader or someone on the path to leadership, our workshops and seminars will teach you how to harness the transformative power of happiness to push yourself, your team, and your organization to new levels of success.

Energizing Teams

Looking to build camaraderie, manage change, or marshal your team’s energies around a specific initiative? Our custom retreats bring leaders and employees together to define their goals, clarify their roles, and learn how to work, collaborate and thrive as a team.

Transforming Cultures

For organizations seeking a serious cultural overhaul, we offer comprehensive consulting services, which include assessing employee happiness, evaluating leadership effectiveness, and developing a clear roadmap to happy, high-performance culture.

Inspiring Audiences

Do you need an engaging and thought-provoking speaker for your next seminar, conference or company retreat? Let Happiness Counts™ founder Mark Freid share his unique perspective on the power of happiness.

Are you ready to make happiness part of your personal and professional mission?

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Did you know that when your brain is set to “positive,” you are 31 percent more productive (Shawn Achor, Harvard University)? So happiness isn’t just good for your psyche, it’s integral to your life. We can help you and your organization increase happiness and expand your capacity for success. Sign up today to get started.

Ready to make happiness part of your personal and professional mission?

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